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A Tea Cup, Cake Server, and Friends...

Objects in my home and pictures on Facebook and my phone all stir memories of friendships so special to me. Each one unique and each object or picture brings a wave of emotion.

This holiday season, I found myself smiling every time we used a lovely cake server because of the sentiment it stirred in me. I remembered Patti giving it to me as a hostess gift one of the times we had book club at my home. Nothing unusual, just Patti being her thoughtful, generous self once again.

Objects evoke memories, memories bring on feelings....sometimes a rush, sometimes just a whisper. I think of Patti when I see the tea cup she used to make a Christmas arrangement for me one year sitting on my plant table...more smiles.

It’s been a difficult year, and I’m so looking forward to the day our group of friends can be back with Patti, discussing our latest book, imbibing a little, eating too much, and laughing lots!!!!

Thankful for friends so dear,


The Bossypants Book Club


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