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Holiday Roundup and Hope for 2021

December was a busy month filled with crafting and baking. Sloane has been inspired by Nonnie’s creativity and generosity. The two of them have crafted beautiful boxwood arrangements for the holidays, a Gingerbread house, and numerous batches of cookies and other sweets. Both girls enjoyed popping over to Nonnie and G’s house often over the past few weeks to share school stories, borrow holiday books, enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on occasion, as well as decorate for the Christmas season with Nonnie and all of her holiday knick knacks.

The first big snowstorm of the season brought enough snow to require G to plow with the backhoe, allowing the girls to supervise his every move as the three of them crowded into the cab to clean off the driveways and sidewalks in front of our homes.

During the holiday break, Grampie Drinkwater heated up his pool so the girls could work on their swimming skills while Nonnie used the warm water to relax her muscles and enjoy some pool therapy.

The holidays were quiet until Nonnie and G gifted Sienna a new trampoline, which provided Christmas Eve entertainment both in person and via Zoom with Katie and Joe. G likes to test out all his toys beforehand...

As 2020 came to a close, we toasted the new year outdoors with two families from the neighborhood and Sloane and Sienna were invited for a final sleepover of the year at Nonnie and G’s house.

Here we are in 2021, ready for more time together as a family and feeling hopeful that the year ahead will bring new adventures for all of us. This first week in January will bring on a new medication for Patti, Radicava, an infusion drug that will be administered at home. We are hoping that the two drugs will work their magic together, giving Patti her continued strength and positivity to face this year and ALS with all she has!

And in other unbelievable 2021 news, Al has entered the 21st century. He now owns one Samsung smartphone. Here he is purchasing said phone, clearly less than thrilled. The other image shows him dabbling on the internet, tearing up as he reads this very website.


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