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Recent Roundup

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The last month or so has been a whirlwind of emotions, both good and bad. Here's a summary of the GOOD stuff.

Patti and Al feel lucky to have Elisabeth, Tyler, Sloane, and Sienna right across the street. This year, the Drink neighbors were able to spend Thanksgiving together while Katie and Joe joined from SF via Zoom. Mary, Ty's mom, and Lin were able to join for an open-air dessert feast in the garage later on. Snuggled in fleece blankets, they drank espresso martinis amidst the beach chairs, fishing rods, and tools.

Patti's Bossy Pants Book Club, consisting of teacher friends and coordinated by her good friend Ginny, came by with signs, balloons, noisemakers, and a beautiful garden statue of a little girl reading. She was overwhelmed by the kindness and love of her friends.

As usual, Patti has been baking up a storm. The girls joined her to make Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses.

Patti and Al have also adapted to covid cocktail hour in the cold with their friends. Lorrie and Doug have the perfect backyard set up for winter Patti parties.

Every single day, Patti has savored the small details of her environment. She and Al take a daily trip to West Beach to feel the ocean breeze and check in on the quaint stretch of Atlantic that they know so well. The orange and yellow streaks of sunrise that reach over her Beverly Farms community each morning seem especially breathtaking. Her strolls with her "sea sisters" on the frosty sand keep her smiling and feeling loved. And when the first snow fell this year, she made sure to run outside and make snow angels with her granddaughters.


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