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Bucket List

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Dreams are powerful medicine. We’ve been talking about everything Patti wants to do on this Earth (even if some are not so practical). Stay tuned for updates.

  1. Post-covid family vacation somewhere warm with a pool and the ocean

  2. Watch the sunrise on Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park

  3. Road trip to Nashville with daughters

  4. Rent a house with friends and family in California wine country. Taste all the wines.

  5. Stay on a tropical island in a house with enough rooms for the entire family. Fishing is a must.

  6. Boston Pops Christmas Concerts with sisters, daughters, and granddaughters

  7. Tanglewood concert in the Berkshires

  8. 4th of July celebration at 8 Everett EVERY YEAR

  9. Drive through the Florida Keys in a convertible (top down, of course!) with Al

  10. Another cruise on Seabiscuit with Dave and Bea

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